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Safety Info

Your Safety, Always.

At PSS Imaging, your safety has always been a concern of ours. From gaining consent before posting images on social media, to ensuring your online purchases through our website are handled professionally and securely. We do our best to look out for you, so you don't have to. As we move forward in addressing CoVid-19, we are committed to upholding these same standards. We will do everything to make sure we are all as safe as possible when working together. Gloves, masks, sanitizer, and safe distancing are part of our new standard. Proofing, ordering, and various other elements of the process have evolved over the years. Some steps in the process are now handled digitally - online proofing being a great example. While other processes are still evolving into best practices. We understand that you may have many questions. We are here to help. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions. We want you to feel completely comfortable with the entire process. Start to finish.

Let's All Be Safe!

PSS Imaging Inc.